Gregory 'GB' Jones

G.B. Jones is currently Director of Investigations and Security Services – International & Special Events for the National Football League.

He is responsible for managing investigations, special event and gameday security, and fan conduct programs for the NFL's international markets, including the International Series Games in London and Mexico City. Prior to joining the NFL, Mr. Jones was Vice President and Chief Security Officer for Terra Vigilis Security Group, a specialized security company with emphasis on aerial security, counter-drone operations, and integrated security solutions. He retired from the FBI in May 2019 after nearly 23 years of service and was a sworn law enforcement officer for more than 31 years with experience as a municipal police officer, deputy sheriff, Minnesota State Trooper, and FBI Agent. 

As ASAC Mr. Jones managed the criminal, counterterrorism, counterintelligence, intelligence, cyber, administrative, and training programs throughout the state of Wisconsin. He also commanded the crisis management teams, including the SWAT Team, Special Agent Bomb Technicians, WMD program and Evidence Response Team. Mr. Jones served as the FBI's On-Scene Commander during the interagency response to three separate mass shooting events. In 2008, he deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, as the FBI’s Deputy On-Scene Commander for counterterrorism operations. He served as the Unit Chief of the Special Events Management Unit at FBI Headquarters, where he directed counterterrorism preparedness programs related to special event security, aviation security, and maritime security. 

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