Chief Larry Clymer

Larry Clymer is the Chief of Special Operations for the Nashville Fire Department.  He started his career as a firefighter in 1988, and has spent the last 20 years involved with the Special Operations Division.  Commander Clymer is a state of Tennessee certified Hazardous Materials Specialist and a TEEX certified Urban Search and Rescue Specialist.  He is a member of the area Maritime Security Committee and co-chair of the Nashville Fire Department’s Health and Safety Committee.  He serves as Chair of the Tennessee Technical Rescue/Special Operations Technical Advisory Committee on Swiftwater Rescue credentialing and as a committee member for the Urban Search and Rescue credentialing.  Currently serving as the Chief of Special Operations, Commander Clymer manages the Hazardous Materials, Technical Rescue, Marine/Swiftwater, and Homeland Security/Domestic Preparedness programs for the Nashville Fire Department, as well as oversees the regional Tennessee Task Force 2 Urban Search and Rescue Team.  He has led the Tennessee Task Force 2 team to multiple incidents including Hurricanes Delta, Dorian, Florence, and Sally.   He serves a vital role in the planning, including planning hazmat response, for events including New Year’s Eve and July 4th in Nashville  and was instrumental in the planning for the multi-day 2019 NFL Draft.  Having been the Incident Commander for the Nashville Tornado in 2020 the Nashville Christmas Bombing in 2020, he provides a unique insight into the operations and coordination of large incidents.

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