Cami Carter

Cami B. Carter is currently employed as a Deputy State Fire Marshal-Hazmat Section with the Utah State Fire Marshal’s Office and is a certified Hazmat Technician. Miss Carter is the state Fire Marshals underwater drone specialist and Hazmat Virtual Reality program manager. The Utah State Fire Marshal's Office Unmanned Systems Program consists of 10 UAVs and one underwater ROV, and has deployed these vehicles to fires, missing persons, and hazardous materials spills. Miss Carter instructs first responders and government officials in the response and management of emergency incidents involving nuclear/radioactive material, community risk reduction, hazardous materials, terrorism incident management, areal and underwater drones, and disaster preparedness. Miss Carter has 17 years’ experience in local, state, and federal governments as a structural/wildland firefighter, mine rescue, drone pilot, EMT, hazmat instructor, fire captain, and instructor. She served on various fire departments and ambulance rigs around the United States and spent 5 years in Germany. While serving in Wendover Utah, Miss Carter transformed and rebuilt a failing fire department from a voluntary department into a full-time/ part-time station with certified firefighters and hazmat responders. Miss Carter ran the training program in hazmat/WMD/Fire one and two in Wendover as a Captain. While as a captain in Wendover Miss Carter worked hand in hand with the Wendover police in many projects to improve the City of Wendover and also took care of a K-9/rescue dog named Ace. Ace and Miss Carter participated in many trainings within Wendover and out of state pertaining to rescue/WMD/Hazmat. In 2019, Miss Carter took a season and served with the Federal Forestry in California to fight wildfires. In which Department of Natural Resources continues to resource Miss Carter during wildland seasons.  Miss Carter was one of the first firefighters to participate in a Police Tactical HazMat Operations course at SERTC in Colorado. Miss Carter has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from University Maryland.

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