Mahmood Delli

Colonel, CBRN Expert, Civil Defence, Iraq

Have experience in the field of civil defense and the CBRN for over 12 years, where I lead the team field responded to an incident in Taza in Kirkuk area 2016 when it was attacked by a homemade rocket by ISIS carrying mustard gas, as well as supervision and leadership to respond to the 19 other similar incident was use of mustard gas during edits governorates (Al Anbar — Saladin — Ninawa) and contribute to conduct detection and analysis of incident where ricin agent used.

Contributed to the formation of fifteen teams to respond to CBRN incidents and supervision of trained and equipped with the right equipment and deployed in all provinces of Iraq except for Kurdistan region.

Participate in training for response teams (CBRN) of the Kurdistan region in northern Iraq.

Training of combat units of the Ministry of the Interior (federal police and rapid reaction battalions) and many of the officers and employees of the civil defense and the rest of Iraqi institutions to respond to CBRN incidents operations and publicize these incidents and response mechanism where total trainees 1200 trainees.

I held several positions in the Ministry of Interior/Directorate of civil defense. Such as. (Recon. and Decontamination division officer -Director of environmental studies and analyses Department – Department Manager environmental pollution) within the Police Directorate of civil defense Directorate environment. Currently Manager of division responds (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) and responsible for the fifteen CBRN teams, including the Iraqi national team.

Member of the national team of the Iraqi CBRN policy setting to work the CBRN in Iraq in coordination with the European Union through the Centers of Excellence.

Set training brochures FOR (detection and reconnaissance – rescue and first aid – sampling – decontamination).

The representative of Iraq, Interior Ministry more than a Conference and a workshop as an expert CBRN.

Member of the radiological emergency cell in the Prime Minister's Office. Member and Rapporteur of the Supreme Committee for emergency medical service plan in Iraq.

Participation in public policy development and strategist chemicals and Member in writing of the emergency plan radiological, chemical and biological in Iraq.

Implementation of two exercises under the supervision of Interpol (first special biological materials smuggling at Baghdad international airport and the second smuggling chemicals at one of the entrances to the city of Baghdad) in coordination with the relevant Iraqi institutions.

Holds the title of Knight, an international Medal of the second class by the international organization of civil protection and civil defense (INTERNATIONAL ORDER OF CIVIL.).

Bachelor of chemistry Sciences from Baghdad University, security and Administrative Sciences diploma from the higher Institute for security and Administrative Sciences at the Ministry of the Interior

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