Gary Sharp

Gary Sharp is the Director of Training for Federal Resources, a global supplier for CBRNE equipment, training, and service.   Federal Resources is currently providing multiple detection, PPE, decon, and training solutions to first responders, US federal law enforcement agencies and DoD units to enhance their synthetic opioid response and interdiction capabilities.  Gary leads a team of scientists, experienced responders, and veteran operators that have developed several custom synthetic opioid training courses that have been attended and adopted by hazmat/CBRN teams as well as state and federal law enforcement agencies. 

Philipp Bleek

Dr. Philipp C. Bleek is Associate Professor in the Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies Program and Fellow at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, both at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

Dr. Bleek’s research and teaching focuses on the causes, consequences, and amelioration of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons proliferation to both states and non-state actors. He previously served as Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Defense Programs.

He recently co-authored (with Zachary Kallenborn) three publications on the implications of emerging drone technology, including swarming capabilities, for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats: “Swarming Destruction: Drone Swarms and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Weapons,” “Drones of Mass Destruction: Drone Swarms and the Future of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Weapons,” and "Fellowship of the Drone."

Patrick Halligan

Nevada Department of Public Safety – Investigation Division, ARMOR Task Force.

Detective Halligan joined the Nevada Department of Public Safety in February 2005 as a Police Officer.

After completing the Basic Police Officer Standards and Training Academy, Detective Halligan was assigned to the Division of Parole and Probation.  There he was assigned to general supervision before being transferred to the Sex Offender Unit and ultimately to the Investigation Division within the Department of Public Safety.  Initially assigned to a DEA Task Force, he was responsible for conducting investigations relating to the illegal diversion of prescription narcotics and later for special investigations relating to political corruption and domestic terrorism.  In 2009 Detective Halligan was assigned to the All-Hazards Regional Multi-Agency Operations and Response (ARMOR) Task Force created by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD).  Since serving on the ARMOR Task Force, he has been responsible for inventory, maintenance and calibration of all the Unit’s CBRNE detection equipment.  In addition, he has coordinated and prepared numerous operations for large scale special events and high-profile dignitary visits.  He has worked alongside state, local, and federal police agencies, and multiple private sector partners and stakeholders to develop response protocols and mission specific loadouts for the various incident responses.

Detective Halligan is a Nevada POST certified instructor within the Department.  He has instructed multiple classes for the State of NV, Law Enforcement Academies throughout Southern NV, and assortment of civilian personnel.

David Musgrave

David L. Musgrave, a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES), is the Director, On-Site Inspection and Building Capacity Directorate, (OB), for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) located on Fort Belvoir, Virginia. DTRA enables the Department of Defense (DoD), the U.S. Government and International Partners to counter and deter Weapons of Mass Destruction and Improvised Threat Networks.

As the Director for On-Site Inspection and Building Capacity, Mr. Musgrave oversees the planning and execution of activities to exercise U.S. Government (USG) rights, and meet USG obligations, under arms control treaties, he also provides oversight of security cooperation and building partner capacity activities that advance Department of Defense (DoD), Interagency, and foreign partner capability to counter WMD proliferation and prepare for, respond to, and manage the consequences of CBRNE events.

Mr. Musgrave was promoted to SES following his retirement from the U.S. CBRN Corps after almost 34 years of active military service. In his final military assignment, he served as the Chief of the Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) Division, Strategic Plans and Policy, J5, the Joint Staff in the Pentagon.

During Mr. Musgrave’s career he served in a variety of assignments including Commander of Pine Bluff Arsenal, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, responsible for specialized ammunitions and smoke capabilities, in addition to depot level production and maintenance of chemical defense equipment. Additionally, he commanded the Bluegrass Chemical Activity in Richmond, Kentucky, responsible for the safe and secure storage of over 523 tons of weaponized chemical nerve agents scheduled for destruction under the Chemical Weapons Convention Treaty.

Mr. Musgrave holds a Master of Science in National Resource Strategy from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University, a Master of Arts in National Security Strategy and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College, and a Bachelor of Science from Middle Tennessee State University. His military awards include the Defense Superior Service Medal with oak leaf cluster, the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star with oak leaf cluster and various other awards and ribbons.

Roger Haskins

LVMPD ARMOR Section/Emergency Operations Bureau

Det. Haskins joined the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) as a Police Officer in 1998. 

In 2005, LVMPD and other local agencies created the All-Hazard Regional Multi-Agency Operations and Response (ARMOR) section to assure Public Safety and Homeland Security by providing operational prevention, deterrence and response to all potential Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive  (CBRNE) incidents in Clark County.  Det. Haskins was TDY during the origination of the ARMOR Section and permanently assigned in 2006.  Since serving in the ARMOR section, Det. Haskins has researched, developed, and written multiple response procedures and protocols of the unit with the assistance of his peers.  His practical field experience has been crucial to the development of ARMOR’s CBRNE response to the community.  Det. Haskins has received numerous hours of DHS Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive training and certifications, which coupled with his military experience in the field was used for the development of the team’s protocols and procedures.

Det. Haskins retired after 25 years as a Chief Intelligence Specialist in the US Navy (Reserve).

Det. Haskins is a D.O.D. and POST certified instructor. He has instructed at the LVMPD, Henderson Police Department, Nevada Department of Public Safety Academies, and to a variety of governmental and civilian entities.

Det. Haskins also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management Information Systems, and a Master of Arts in Homeland Security with Emphasis is Counterterrorism.

American Military University, 2019.

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