Nick Sword  

Nick has been a member of the Toronto Police for the last 22 years. For the last 16 years he has been a member of the Toronto Police Explosive Disposal Unit and is a current and validated Police Explosive Technician as well as a Post Blast Investigator and an Advanced CBRNE Technician. In 2019 he was assigned as the unit trainer where his responsibilities include the delivery of all training to the team’s technicians pertaining to both CBRN & Explosive related matters. Nick has participated as a guest instructor on numerous occasions for both Explosive Disposal Training in Ottawa as well as the Specialist Federal First Responder CBRNE training program in both Ottawa & Suffield, Alberta, as well as attending the Middle East to train first responders. Throughout his time on the team he has been a member of an assessment team for many different high profile events including the G20, Pan Am Games, Invictus Games, G7 Finance Ministers meetings and several Presidential visits. Prior to joining the Police Nick spent 9 years in the British Armed Forces, serving in a number of different theatres including Northern Ireland, Iraq/Kuwait & the Balkans

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