Martin Davey

Martin Davey, CBRNE - Hazmat Specialist and Educator, Ottawa Fire Department 

Martin first put on an NBC suit with the RAF Regiment in his late teens.  He studied BEng Mech Eng (Hons) program at the University of Northumbria Newcastle in the UK In his mid 20’s, which he left for a career in Mechanical and Optical Engineering in Canada working mostly for Nortel (Nortel Networks) After 10 years he made the leap from sitting behind a desk, to running into burning buildings as a member of Ottawa Fire Services. He was recruited into the Hazmat program for his engineering skills and aptitude for in depth research and analysis.

He has spent 20 years as a firefighter, over 13 as a career-professional and been a Hazmat/CBRNE Technician for over a decade. He is a qualified NFPA Instructor and teaches NFPA 1072 Hazmat Technician courses throughout the Province of Ontario. He has been on many CBRNE related task forces and most recently represented Ottawa Fire Services on the Provincial CBRNE Response Team Committee & Ottawa Joint CBRNE Task Force (CTF). He spent the last two years at Fire HQ as an assistant to the Deputy Chiefs and used his knowledge in Bio and Decon to build OFS’ operational Containment and Decon response to the pandemic, which was adopted by many agencies in Canada and Internationally. For his pandemic work he was nominated for two City Managers awards and also received a Fire Chiefs commendation.

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