Commander Martin Desbiens-Côté

Commander Desbiens-Côté began his career in February 1992 with the Montreal Police Department. He rose through the ranks and was promoted to the rank of Commander in April 2006. Over the years, Commander Desbiens-Côté had the opportunity to lead several units. Most notably, he was in charge of the Intervention Group (crowd control and strategic response) for a period of 6 years and was later responsible for the Cybercrime unit.

His diversified operational and administrative experience lead him to assume the command of the Counterterrorism and Emergency Measures Section in October 2020. In addition to its emergency measures coordination mandate, his team fulfills its antiterrorism mandate through operational response planning, hardening of soft targets and critical infrastructure, and insuring that the department maintains a high level of preparedness in order to face terrorist threats. The unit also leads multiple committees including a national security intelligence committee and the Montreal Antiterrorism Advisory Committee, which is comprised of operational leaders from allied organizations (public health, fire department, EMS, emergency preparedness, military, etc.).

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