Gareth Roberts

Gareth is an experienced and exceptionally motivated Police Officer with over 26 years’ service working within Counter Terrorism Policing CYMRU/WALES (CTP CYMRU/WALES). His primary role is embedded within Counter Terrorism (CT) related environments.

His versatility and proficiency are highly respected within the security sector which has led to National and International recognition of work within the CBRNE work streams. Gareth’s expertise within the operational and training arenas along with his interpersonal skills has been utilised across varying public and private organisation to advance illicit drug laboratory, HME and CBRN operations development.

Current responsibilities:

  • Development of intelligence, planning and effecting covert/overt operations to dismantle Organised Crime Groups and Counter Terrorism networks.
  • Developing and delivering specialist Counter Terrorism training to Police, key stakeholders and multi-agency partners.
  • Planner and entry/search Team Leader to high profile National CT arrest phases.
  • Providing accurate and timely advice to Strategic and Tactical Commanders in often hostile CT incidents.
  • Increasing Police interaction with key partners and military personnel through training and exercise delivery.
  • Co-ordinator and planning development officer for National CT ‘Live’ CBRNe Exercises sponsored by the OSCT incorporating International and National assets.
  • Design and build the ‘Covert’ Counter Terrorism Response Vehicle concept that has been utilised as best practice for times of heightened threat, VIP protection and at National Large Scale Events.
  • Organise training needs analysis to identify capability gaps and deliver a National CT response to a Marauding Terrorist Attack.

Gareth is married with 3 children. As a proud Welshman he also holds a deep affinity to Rugby Union and still currently plays Veteran rugby tournaments touring around Europe. 

He is a keen sportsman and also particularly enjoys ice hockey and mountaineering. He thrives on the physical and mental challenges that these sports represent.

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