Brett Huff

Brett Huff is the leading expert in Animal Decontamination.  His technical career started in 1989.  Over the course of his career, Brett has responded to the nation’s largest man-made and nature disasters, participating in technical rescue and leading environmental decontamination operations. Throughout the years, Brett has broadened his education and understanding of rescue and response by his service in the United States Army as an air assault Sapper; completing various military programs, furthering his education to work in the civil service industry as a deputy sheriff, narcotics task force member and a volunteer firefighter.  Brett went on to serve in the state of Missouri as an State Animal Cruelty Investigator. 
Brett has since furthered his career and shares his experience by becoming a nationally recognized trainer of decontamination.  Brett is the founder/owner of Huff Technical Training and co-founder/co-owner of Animal Decon; training decontamination teams across the United States.  Brett has participated in working groups that has directed national policy and procedures, he has authored white papers, written policy and procedures for disaster decontamination and has authored Comprehensive Guide to Animal Decontamination which is set to release in late 2022.

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