Dr Andy Karam

Dr. Karam is an internationally respected  with 40 years of experience in radiation safety. He began his career in the US Navy’s nuclear power program, assigned as a radiation safety specialist on a nuclear attack submarine. Since leaving the Navy he has held positions in academia, government, consulting, and radiological and nuclear interdiction and response planning with the NYC Health and Police departments. He is currently Homeland Security Scientific Advisor with Mirion Technologies.

Andrew has earned degrees in Geology (BA and MS) and Environmental Science (PhD) and is board-certified in health physics. He currently writing his 18th book (on Radiological and Nuclear Terrorism) and has written over 30 refereed papers in addition to hundreds of editorials, essays, magazine and encyclopedia articles on various aspects of radiation and nuclear safety.

In addition, Andrew has served on committees of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Management and the US National Academies of Science, in addition to serving on the Executive Committee for the International Radiation Protection Association. He has made a number of trips on behalf of Interpol, and the IAEA, as well as traveling to Japan shortly after the tsunami and reactor accident, providing training to emergency and medical responders.

Andrew’s current focus is on issues related to radiological and nuclear weapon interdiction and response to terrorist attacks. To that end, he works extensively with emergency responders at all levels of government as well as with Mirion to develop instruments, procedures, operational concepts, and more.

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