Michael Armistead

Michael Armistead, Hazmat Specialist, Nashville Fire Department

Michael Armistead currently lives in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, and is a HazMat Specialist with the Nashville Fire Department in Special Operations Bureau.

He started his career in 1992 with the Goodlettsville Fire Department, working there until 2000 joining the Nashville Fire Department. He was a member of HazMat 12 for 9 years until moving into his current role in Special Operations involved with planning of VIP visits, large Special Events, and credentialing of all personnel with both HazMat teams for Nashville. 

Michael is an active member of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency HazMat Committee Board, an Instructor for both the State of Tennessee and the Nashville Fire Department regularly instructing HazMat Technician, Operations and Awareness.  He works closely with Homeland, FBI, Secret Service, 45th CST, Department of Energy, Tennessee Highway Patrol Special Operations, Governors Executive Protection Team, Office of Emergency Management, Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, Nashville Soccer Club, Metro Nashville Police Department Special Operations and Custom Services.

Toby Frost

Captain Toby Frost began working in the hazmat industry in 1987 as a remediation project manager in university and industrial settings. After transitioning to commercial construction, he joined the fire service in 1999. Toby Frost is currently a Captain with the Lafayette Fire Department in Indiana. He is a Team Leader for their Hazardous Materials Team and is the founder of their Illicit Lab Response Team. He is a department instructor for fire fighters, recruits, and local industry teaching fire science, technical rescue and hazardous materials. He is a continuing lecturer at Purdue University in the School of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences.  He has presented across the country at conferences including the IAFC International Hazardous Materials Conference, The Hot Zone, and at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC). As a contract instructor Toby has helped train federal, state and local responders across the country and internationally. He serves as a USAR HazMat Specialist for FEMA -INTF-1. Toby is a principal member of the NFPA Hazardous Materials Committee. He is a current Board Member for the Indiana Alliance of Hazardous Materials Responders.  Capt. Frost is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a BS in Fire Science Engineering Technology and a graduate of the National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer Program.

Supervisory Special Agent Justin Wilson

Supervisory Special Agent Justin E. Wilson joined the FBI in July, 2011 and is currently assigned to the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate, Response Unit, FBI HQ.  Prior to his HQ assignment, SSA Wilson served as the WMD Coordinator for the San Antonio Division.  Prior to this position SSA Wilson served on the Central Texas Joint Terrorism Task Force and on a Counter Intelligence Squad.  Prior to the FBI, SSA Wilson served as a Police Officer in Georgia from January 1996 to July 2011.  Over his career, SSA Wilson served as a Police Captain over Criminal Investigations, City Emergency Manager, Homeland Security Coordinator, Internal Affairs Investigator, Public Information Officer, and K-9 Handler. 

SSA Wilson has served in the military reserves since December 1991 in Army Military Police, Air Force Security Forces and is currently a Special Agent with Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

SSA Wilson has a Master’s degree in Business Administration, and is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command.

Colonel Stephan Saalow

Before he took command of the Bundeswehr CBRN Defence Command on 21 September 2021, Colonel Saalow served as Defence Advisor of the German Representative to the Political and Security Committee of the European Union in Brussels.He was also the Deputy Head of the Military Policy Section, which supports the Representative in the field of Foreign and Security Policy in all military-political issues including crisis management and capability development. Colonel Saalow has a wide experience in the area of EU Common Security and Defence Policy in Brussels, in the Ministry of Defence in Berlin but also in the field, where he served as Chief of Staff of an EU Mission in Africa and as Staff Officer Operations of the Eurocorps in Strasbourg.During his time in NATO he was special advisor of the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation in Norfolk. Beside this he served in operations in Asia, Africa and Europe and commanded the CBRN Defence Regiment of the Bundeswehr. Colonel Saalow studied at the University of the Bundeswehr in Hamburg and at the National University of Singapore and holds a Master Degree of Business Administration. He was also awarded with the German Cross of Honor and with the French Medal of Defence.

Scott Burgess

Scott Burgess is a 35-year veteran of the Nashville Fire Department and is currently an engine company captain/paramedic. Additionally, he serves as an acting district chief and an acting special operations safety chief. On Christmas Day, Scott was an acting district chief and the first arriving chief officer on the bombing. He was the initial incident commander, and then transitioned to the operations section chief. For the next 2 operational periods, Scott served in various roles within the unified command. Scott became involved in Hazardous Materials in 1992. Currently he is a Hazardous Materials Specialist, and a ToxMedic. For the past 8 years he has taught at the Center for Domestic Preparedness, where he is a Lead Instructor/SME in the Hazardous Materials Division. Additionally, he is a biological response instructor for LSU NCBRT. 

John Darby

Mr. John W. Darby is a consultant for SEKOPS LLC, where he serves as a CBRNE Response/ Consequence Emergency Management Specialist and Instructor.

Mr. Darby also currently serves as Deputy Senior Watch Officer of the Pentagon Operations Center for the Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA). He provides a full range of operational CBRNE and Emergency Management services to protect the people, equipment, facilities, infrastructure, and other resources of the Pentagon Reservation as well as the other DoD-occupied facilities in and around Washington DC. Mr. Darby was the Alpha Team Lead of the PFPA Police Department’s Special Operation Branch (CBRNE) from 2005-2018.

Prior to joining PFPA, Mr. Darby served as a Senior Firefighter for the City of Chesapeake Virginia’s Fire Department for over 19 years. He served as a hazardous materials specialist for the Southside Virginia Regional HazMat Response Team, and as a Senior Fire Instructor at the Southside Regional Fire Academy. Additionally, he served on the Tidewater Regional Arson Panel as an Arson Investigator and was selected for the Virginia Task Force-2, Urban Search and Rescue Team as a HazMat Specialist.

Mr. Darby is a retired U.S Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer 4 with 24 years of service. He served as an Emergency Services Officer (ESO)/Expeditionary Airfield Officer. His assignments included acting as the Marine Corps Chemical Biological Incident Response Forces (CBIRF) ESO, Safety, Education, Liaison and Training officer to over 200 Marines and Naval personnel. He was an advisor to the Commander Officer of CBIRF while he served on multiple local, state, and federal CBRNE-related committees and working groups. During this time CWO4 Darby responded to the decontamination of several federal buildings from the Anthrax and Ricin terrorist attacks on U S Senators and the White House. CWO4 Darby provided on-scene direction and guidance directly which resulted in the discovery of the second anthrax letter addressed to Senator Lahey.

Interim Fire Chief Craig Buckley

Chief Buckley has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fire service. He started his career with Fairfax County, Virginia Fire Rescue Department in 1979 until 2014 where he retired as a Fire Battalion Chief of Special Operations Division/Hazardous Materials Response Team. He also has experience with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, the DHS/FEMA National Incident Management Team, and most recently, the Washington Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) Fire and Rescue Department. He is also a long-time member of DHS/FEMA USAR Virginia Task Force One (VATF-1). 

Robert Ingram

Robert Ingram is the President of RJI Consulting, LLC. The company mission is CBRNE Planning, Training, and Exercises for local and state public agencies and private organizations. Robert Ingram served 43 years in the fire service, 36 years with the FDNY.  A charter member of the FDNY Hazardous Material Company 1 in 1984, Chief Ingram commanded the HazMat Division for 6 years after September 11, 2001.  From 2007 until his retirement in 2017 Chief Ingram served as the FDNY WMD Chief, representing the Department in all local, state, and federal projects dealing with CBRNE materials.

Chief Ingram is a national instructor in hazardous materials response for the International Association of Firefighters, a member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and served as a member of their Hazardous Materials Committee for nine years. He has worked on hazardous materials/WMD standards development with ASTM, ANSI, DOJ, NCRP and continues to serve on the NFPA Suite of Hazardous Materials standards committees.  Chief Ingram holds a BPS in Fire and Emergency Management and a MA degree in Homeland Defense and Security from the Naval Post Graduate School. 

Chief Ingram will be one of our Chair people for CBRNe Convergence 2021

Dr. Terry Oroszi

Dr. Terry Oroszi is an associate professor and Vice Chair in the Pharmacology & Toxicology Department in the Boonshoft School of Medicine, Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Her subject matter expertise is Homeland Security. As part of her role at BSOM, she serves as Director of the graduate and the Chemical Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) Defense Programs. She started her career in the Army, transitioned to the laboratory doing molecular genomics work, and merged her military and science experiences to develop the homeland security focus for the medical school and the department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. 

Dr. Oroszi has several collaborations with the military, industry, academia, and the government in the areas of CBRN, terrorism, and crisis decision-making. She is the founder and chair of The Dayton Think Tank, a gathering of the top 50 crisis leaders in the region. As a civilian, Oroszi has received training from the FBI through two programs in 2018 and 2019. Oroszi is the President Emerita of the Dayton InfraGard chapter, and current InfraGard National Members Alliance Board Officer. Oroszi has shared her research on American terrorists with NSA, at Quantico, and members of Congress in DC. Her subject matter expertise in terrorism and crisis leadership has been recognized in media, including print, web, and T.V., and as an invited speaker at national conferences for military, government, and industry leaders. Along with several journal publications, she is a co-editor and contributing author of “Weapons of Mass Psychological Destruction and the People that Use Them,” Praeger ABC-Clio, The American Terrorist: Everything You Need to Know to be a Subject Matter Expert, Greylander Press (a book covering 4 years of dedicated research on American citizens charged with acts related to terrorism). 

In her free time, Oroszi started writing a fiction series about a female FBI agent that is, frankly, not a very good agent. She drops cover, occasionally loses her temper, and has a few too many unsanctioned kills. Operation Stormfront: From Weatherman to Wall Street, book one in the series was published on June 2019, and book two, Operation Deep Dive: Back into the Past released Sept 2019, and novella book 2.5, Mr. Smith Goes to North Korea, released Oct. 2019, and her first graphic novel, based on Operation Stormfront, March 2020.

Chris Hall

Chris is a 19 year veteran with the Orange County Sheriff's Office who graduated of the FBI’s Hazardous Device’s School in 2011.  He has spent 12 years on the bomb squad and is currently the commander of the team.  Along with his commander duties he is a certified tactical breacher along with underwater post blast investigator and underwater renders safe techniques.  Chris sits on the Board of Directors for the United States Bomb Technician Association.  Chris believes that training is one of the most important things that a team can do to perform at a high level in any situation. Chris and his team were involved in the Pulse Night Club terror attack; and it was because of his team’s high level of training that they performed so well that night.

Dan Jones

Trooper Daniel (Dan) Jones has been a Trooper with the Massachusetts State Police for 15 years, after assignments at the Grafton and Shelburne Falls Barracks, he served as a Fire and Explosion Investigator for 7 years. In 2014, Dan was assigned to the Bomb Squad and became a certified Explosives Detection Canine handler with his partner EK-9 Dash in June of 2015. Trooper Jones graduated from FBI Hazardous Devices School (HDS) in March of 2016.  Trooper Jones holds a Bachelor of Science and Technology Degree from Oklahoma State University in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology as well as a Master of Arts Degree from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in Criminal Justice with a Graduate Certificate in Security Studies.

            Since attending Hazardous Devices School, Trooper Jones has attended advanced training to include: FBI Tactical Bomb Technician, ATF Advanced Explosives Disposal Techniques, FBI Manual Techniques, and a variety of other training. Trooper Jones is a member of the FBI Boston Level 5 Stabilization Team, the Massachusetts State Police Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team, and the Massachusetts State Police Special Operations Medical Group.

            Prior to his career with the State Police, Trooper Jones served as both a Call and Career Firefighter/EMT and the Department Fire Prevention Officer on the Lunenburg Fire Department.

Derek Maltz

Derek S. Maltz retired from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) after 28 years of dedicated service and is currently working for Pen-Link Ltd as the Executive Director, Government Relations. He was the Special Agent in Charge of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), Special Operations Division (SOD) for almost 10 years and was previously Chief of the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force, the oldest and largest drug task force in America.

As the Agent in Charge of SOD, SAC Maltz was instrumental in the growth of SOD from 9 to 30 participating agencies including personnel from the U.K., Canada, Australia and the New York City Police Department (NYPD). Mr. Maltz oversaw the operations of approximately 500 SOD personnel and was responsible for an annual budget of $100 million, while incorporating the DOJ’s priority International Organized Crime and Gang Operational programs into the center. SOD was responsible for leading the coordination of the high-profile multi-agency efforts that resulted in the capture of Sinaloa Cartel Kingpin El Chapo Guzman.

SAC Maltz also enhanced SOD’s Bi-Lateral Global Investigations Unit from 1-5 highly successful field enforcement groups. These proactive investigative groups demonstrated unparalleled success in targeting and prosecuting some of the highest level criminals in the world, such as the arrest and conviction of notorious arms trafficker Viktor Bout; the arrest and conviction of arms trafficker and terrorist Monzer Al Kassar, alleged mastermind behind the Achille Lauro hijacking; the capture and conviction of Haji Juma Khan, reputedly Afghanistan’s biggest drug kingpin with ties to the Taliban and the leader of one of the largest drug trafficking organizations in the Central Asia Region; the capture and conviction of Afghan heroin kingpin Haji Bagcho; the arrest and conviction of Khan Mohammed on 21 USC 960a charges of narco-terrorism and the arrest and conviction of Global Transnational Criminal Paul Le Roux.

Mr. Maltz’ received the Presidential Rank Award for his accomplishments and is also the recipient of numerous other prestigious awards for his accomplishments throughout his law enforcement career. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Syracuse University, is married, has three children and is part of a family of exceptional public service.

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