• CBRNe Convergence Asia 2024

    CBRNe Convergence Asia 2024

    23-25 January - Civil Defence Academy, Singapore



CBRNe Convergence Asia 2024

23-25 January, 2024

CBRN Ready!

Singapore was one of the first places we held a CBRN conference when we started CBRNe World in 2006, and it continues to excel, not just in South East Asia but the world. There are multiple agencies that allow it to have such a position, but pre-eminent among these is the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). SCDF initiatives have brought CBRN excellence to every aspect of the field, from collecting evidence through to initiatives to allow the public to create safe spaces for themselves should the worst happen.

We have done multiple interviews and articles with them over the years that explain these projects, but now after 15 years we thought it was time for you to see them yourself! For three days in January we will host an event in the heart of the SCDF’s CBRNE defence capability, the Civil Defence Academy (CDA).

The CDA has recently benefited from a multi-million dollar improvement to a facility that already managed to pack a great deal into a relatively small space. Due to Covid it will have only recently finished the third, and final stage, of its improvement, and we will be hosting the event at the facility!

Delegates will get an opportunity to visit the new facility and gain an increased understanding of the investment in first responder training that the SCDF has made. In addition to this there will be an exhibition of leading companies interested in SE Asia.

More information will be available shortly.

SCDF Civil Defence Academy

101 Jln Bahar, Civil Defence Academy Complex, Singapore 649734


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