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Month seven now, and while there is no shortage of research papers being churned out there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that first responders are losing interest. Since Covid eats up so much of the news media, and family chat, this is no surprise, but it is a shame as there is still a lot of good work being done. We are seeing some of the bigger agencies now getting their act together, and smaller organisations stopping their Covid coverage and offerings.  

Donald Trump joined the long list of world leaders that have contracted the virus, and it is no surprise it happens when you consider how many people they meet. It will be interesting to see what his ‘take homes’ will be and what impact this will have on the direction of the response.

We are still scouting for new and innovate Covid sites, so if you have a favourite that you would like to be included in the October edition please contact the editor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Top Tips –

The defense technical information centre has got their Covid information together. Lots of good stuff here -

Kerching! Got a bright Covid idea, and can’t seem to find funding for it? The European Commission launched its guidance on applying for funding -

Don’t blame Karen! ‘Karen’ has become a 2020 meme, and associated with many bad habits, such as panic buying. Turns out that it is more likely to be Karen’s husband, than the woman herself who is to blame!

There was quite a flurry of information on the fact that the city of Manaus, in Brazil, had reached herd immunity. There was far less information on the fact that it hadn’t -

We are all subject to sloppy thinking when it comes to Covid. The Atlantic tries to provide some clarity of thinking. A worthwhile read:

Doing this monthly roundup we have been worried about the quality of some of the research, we are not the only ones -

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ASPR/Tracie did a webinar on maximising PPE use for healthcare workers. The proceedings and recordings are here -

Efficacy of masks and face coverings assessed. Finds that cloth masks shed virus particles and efficacy is low, but non-N95 medical grade masks have some efficacy. Let the debate continue!

Four eyes better than two! Turns out that glasses are a useful way of stopping people touching their eyes and infecting themselves that way -

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Have I see you before? This article in the BMJ suggests that Covid might be far less novel than we otherwise thought.

A comprehensive review of mitigation methods for Covid -

A paper on the use of utilising shuttered labs to provide cost effective and scalable UVGI decon for N95 masks -

Looking at skin decon of Covid and influenza A. While it is a lot shorter than common surfaces such as glass, Covid remains a threat far longer than influenza A. Keep washing your hands people!

What is the risk from surfaces and fomites? Low according to this study… but I am sure there’ll be another one along in a minute.

Bentonite clay for hand sanitising? This paper thinks it is more effective and safer than alcohol based solutions…

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Accuracy of rapid, point‐of‐care antigen and molecular‐based tests for the diagnosis of SARS‐CoV‐2.

Find the superspreader! Like SARS some people are far more efficient at shedding SARS-COV-2 than others, 19% of individuals seeded 80% of cases in Hong Kong -

US starts to appreciate the value of wastewater epidemiology, long after Europe and Asia have embraced it (to varying levels)

Detection of SARS-CoV-2 in patient samples using RT-qPCR, CRISPR-Cas13a, and RT-LAMP saw a 1,000 fold increase in capacity -

My dog has no nose… Looks like loss of smell might be one of the most significant toxidromes of Covid

All about the ‘rona. CoVdb has brought together genomes of more than 5000 coronavirus strains, which were collected from 1941 to 2020, in more than 60 countries and in hosts belonging to more than 30 species

Wearables and remote sensing for Covid testing. Basically, can we use physiological monitoring as a key indicator of Covid?

Dr Google... There are a wide variety of internet and App based symptom trackers of Covid. This study went through then and found wide variety of sensitivity and specificity problems, only two trackers were worthwhile -



Nature has updated its information on the front runners in the Covid vaccine race.

A vaccine will arrive in due course, and the CDC has outlined what needs to happen to make sure the people get it -

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How effective is quarantine? A study looked at it on it’s own and in addition with other measures. Short story is that it does work, but there is uncertainty over how much -

A study on digital apps for contact tracing vs a manual system.

One happens in Vegas might not stay in Vegas… Las Vegas has announced plans to start re-opening for conventions and conferences…

Are you worryingly upbeat? Take a gander at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation’s Covid predictions for your region and bring yourself down to earth. Warning: they have a lot of depth to them

We’ve reported these before… but as the myths grow so does the need to fight them! WHO doing their bit to shoot down the Chemtrail/5G advocates…

Interested in understanding more what each Federal agency is doing during Covid? This video of the subcommittee hearing might help…

Africa has been a bit of a conundrum in terms of Covid cases. This article seeks to try and explore some of the reasons for it, that might have benefits for other nations -

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The Israeli’s have put together a predictive model for mortality risk prediction

Federal Medical Stations can offer surge support to those States (like New Jersey) that are already facing a new influx of Covid cases. This training video provides information on what you can do -

A disaster by any other name would smell as sweet… An assessment of disaster training programmes and their efficacy for Covid (and other disasters) -

‘By all the Saints!’ The use of a military system for triage decisions for ICU personnel -

Remember how well Korea did during the initial stages? One of the reasons was their medical task force hospitals, and here is how they did it -



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