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Welcome to the fifth monthly Covid newsletter. As the pandemic rolls on some research elements continue to churn out large amounts of papers, such as tactics and therapeutics, whereas others are now well understood, such as protection and decontamination. There is still some great research and resources being developed and the volume of training videos is increasing. Sadly so is the reach of the virus, and as you will see in the map below areas that had previously beaten the virus, such as Australia, are seeing a resurgence and countries that thought they might avoid it as airlines shut down, like many African countries, are finding that there are other routes in. 

There is a lot of 'page one' information that has not been included, from the WHO, CDC, ECDC etc., as we assume that this will, rightly, be the first port of call for many people. Each month we will try and find sites away from the beaten track that deserve greater viewing. If you have a favourite that you would like to be included please contact the editor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Don’t forget! The emailed version is a far shorter version than the one on the website, which also has the previous four -


Top Tips –

Tired of those viral videos that your so-called friends ask you to comment on because ‘you know about this stuff’? ‘Poynt’ them this way - More analysis on the types of misinformation presented can be found here -

Seminar on Scientific and Technological Responses to Pandemics run by the WHO on the 17th of August,

During the COVID-19 pandemic emergency the medical toxicology, clinical toxicology, and poison center associations from around the world have partnered to deliver a webinar briefing every Wednesday-

Collection of resources on Bioterrorism and High Consequence Biological Threats

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Preventative steps for EMS and Firefighters

Australia: Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for paramedics and ambulance first responders

Coming to an area near you? Carnegie Mellon’s COVIDcast tracks COVID-19 symptoms across the US

FEMA Fact Sheet on Personal Protective Equipment Preservation Best Practices

Emotional Support Pig – Yes. Emotional Support Ferret – No. Studies on SARS-COV-2 transmission found that pigs and chickens could not be infected with the virus.

A word on masks. Bobby and Mike, AKA The Hazmat Guys, go full tilt at masks and Covid. If you are unsure where you stand on the ‘mask’ debate this might help -

Not all heroes wear masks, but your kids might need to. Information for school administrators on face coverings -

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Are we going to see commercial use of UV for disinfection? Some restaurants are already using it -

Only connect – an Elearning course in contact tracing from the ECDC University. As get closer to the ‘second wave’ test and trace is going to be more important and this course will allow you to: explain to decision makers the importance of contact tracing; adapt to the local context the processes of contact tracing for COVID-19; identify ways to scale up contact tracing; understand the benefits and risks of using mobile applications to undertake contact tracing.

Great coronavirus update podcast from the Hazmat Guys and Christina Baxter, including information on disinfectants and PPE

Details of Novel Coronavirus fighting products from the American Chemistry Council and the Center for Biocide Chemistries

Updated mitigation guidance from the CDC for EMS personnel

Webinar Recording: Processing COVID-19 Contaminated Turnout Gear

Mitigate Absenteeism by Protecting Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Clinicians’ Psychological Health and Well-being during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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UAE, France and Australia have all found great success in getting dogs to detect SARS-COV2 on individuals that are asymptomatic. UAE has now deployed them at airports – more information in this article

Wondering which assay to buy? This article will help…

Deep learning survival Cox model can accurately predict death in subjects allowing targeted triage -

Those facilities unable to afford the ranks of PCR needed to detect Sars-Cov-2 can breathe easier now a MALDI-MS has been proved to detect it.

Wastewater epidemiology is becoming the real star of Covid. There is a feature interview in the August issue, but it is now happening in numerous countries…

We mentioned FIND a few months ago, they have been updating their test result data continuously, and now have information on 130 different systems.

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Dexamethasone seems to have reduced mortality by 25% in two months of use in South Africa, Japan and Taiwan have also approved it for Covid.

A reference study/initial use case for Covid based on experience from the States.

An update on various ‘cures’ being touted for Covid.

A general interest read for anyone interested in therapeutic treatments. Interesting that a combination of a steroid and an arthritis treatment immediately resolved cytokine storm symptoms

Clinical trials related to COVID-19

Free access to the Elsevier Coronavirus Research Hub

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Grab yourself a free PDF of “Genomic Epidemiology Data Infrastructure Needs for SARS-CoV-2: Modernizing Pandemic Response Strategies.” This lays out a framework to define and describe the data needs for a system to track and correlate viral genome sequences with clinical and epidemiological data.

French model finds that social distancing and protection of at risk population is the best way to deal with resurgence.

WHO report card… What grade would you give it? Could do better?

The best and worst states to get sick in. A state by state breakdown of critical care workers.

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Coughing may be the favoured route of transmission compared to normal breathing. This allows better understanding of how to manage re-opening of facilities like schools.

NIMS senior leader toolkit to help elected officials, other senior executives, and department heads understand their responsibilities in the initial response to an incident with two reference guides.

ERG2020 is now out. While not Covid necessarily it’s still fantastically useful! -

CDC has been adding to its tools for healthcare professionals and there are some really good elements that have been added.

Guidelines for health & safety protocols and best practice for airport operators and national aviation authorities to ensure the safety of passengers, as well as staff and crew.

It’s a sad fact that scumbags around the world like to engage in violence against healthcare workers. The International Committee of the Red Cross and Rand have identified gaps and priorities for research in their report.

Preventing COVID-19 spread during patient transport

EMS Infectious Disease Playbook

Two great sites for COVID-19 research tools, questionnaires and protocols - and that will hopefully stop you needing to develop your own!

Elsevier’s podcast series has expert insights on a wide range of subjects like emergency preparedness and treatment options. Check it out

Show me the money! Two sites offering funding options, one for EMS and one for researchers and

COVID-19 Literature and Research Resources for Emergency Medical Services

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