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If we thought we knew the ferocity of Covid information before, then we were wrong! Seemingly expanding at an exponential rate there is no shortage of great information out there, and we have provided a selection of what we think are some of the most relevant to first responders. It’s interesting to see the type of information change over the past few months. We initially saw an explosion of information on protection and mitigation against Covid, this has largely died down as we understand the agent better. Many of the papers now are low cost systems that have been built in the field, either for individual or collective protection, and may well hold value for agencies that are struggling to get their hands on proper equipment. Tactics and strategy continues to evolve, and there is some great information being produced on this.   

There is a lot of 'page one' information that has not been included, from the WHO, CDC, ECDC etc., as we assume that this will, rightly, be the first port of call for many people. Each month we will try and find sites away from the beaten track that deserve greater viewing. People that want to keep up on a weekly basis we’d recommend Ben Johnson’s column for Nature - If you have a favourite that you would like to be included please contact the editor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Top Tips -

Have a meat packing or processing facility in your area? Prepare to see Covid. Here’s why… -

Useful maps and graphs for mortality in Europe -

Forecasting cumulative weekly deaths in US states -

Covid research funding opportunities -

Dowload the ECDC Threat Report App! Even the ‘Member of the Public’ section has some great info -

Great resource for lots of toolkits and surveys/forms -

Wondering how you are going to learn and survive Covid while being entertained!? Wonder no more -

The Skydio Emergency Response Program (ERP), is donating dozens of their Skydio 2 UAS and associated equipment to public safety agencies across the US. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information

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Performance and impact of disposable and reusable respirators for healthcare workers.

An inexpensive, disposable, positive-pressure head isolation unit that can be rapidly constructed for under $5 -

Nice site with vetted suppliers of non-traditional US suppliers of PPE -

Guide to avoiding counterfeit respirators

Use of rice cookers to steam masks clean…  

FEMA releases Exercise Starter Kit to help agencies conduct COVID-19 transition workshops

Respiratory Protection Training Videos

A novel, portable respiratory protection unit for prehospital use can be easily manufactured from easily sourced materials for less than $50.

Assessment of non-traditional materials for respiratory protection. Spoiler alert – it’s vacuum bags.

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CDC guidance on cleaning workplaces and businesses ready for opening -

Difficulty of transmission of Covid from inanimate surfaces -

Speed of inactivity in Covid through sunlight, seven minutes in saliva -

Evaluating the effectiveness of three social distancing strategies -

A novel isolation bag device for use in CT that facilitates containment and reduce contamination -

Long term CBRNe World writer, Dr Jose-Luis Sagripanti’s article on inactivation of Covid with solar radiation -

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Most common mild and moderate signs of Covid.

Verification on the use of saliva as an alternative specimen type -

Using AI and CT to detect Covid -

Home 3D scanners printed hundreds of face masks in the first wave, could swabs be the next cottage industry for the second one…?

FDA list of Antibody tests that should not be distributed

Using Antibody Tests for COVID-19

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ASPR’s portfolio of medical countermeasures under investigation -

Updated information on Covid therapeutics -

A Comprehensive Review of N-COV-SARS2 -

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Tracking US states as to whether they are safe to reopen -

Project Echo is a leading telemedicine initiative, they have a range of sessions that US and international professionals can join in with - 

‘The other side of the curve;’ preparing for re-opening healthcare and other facilities - and

Taking lessons from the service industry into the reopening of hospitals -

US & UK lessons from setting up alternative care sites -

Guidance for mass transit administrators -

Approaches to lift the lockdown in London -

Maintaining essential health services: operational guidance for the COVID-19 context


Great presentation with lots of information on ensuring healthcare safety throughout the COVID-19 pandemic -  

All kinds of useful resources here, including clinical care -

Some great webinars from NETEC (French and Spanish language versions available for some) -

Eight lessons from a COVID-19 surge hotspot in NY -

Expanding palliative care during the outbreak -

Guidance for UK Ambulance Trusts

Guidance for UK Search and Rescue Responders

Interpol guidelines for law enforcement

National Fire Chiefs Council CPR procedure: First responders guidance UK

Response Considerations: Incidents Involving Crowds During COVID-19 Pandemic

“Hey Hurricanes! We have our own thing going on here…” COVID-19 Pandemic Operational Guidance for the 2020 Hurricane Season.

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